French Alps Hotels

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There can be few places in the world more synonymous with winter sports than the French Alps. Home to Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe, and to famous ski resorts including Grenoble and Chamonix, the scene is certainly set for a ski and snowboarding holiday.

There are, however, outdoor activities to be had all year round in the Alps, from mountaineering and mountain biking to white water rafting and if the desire is simply to get away from it all then that is easily doable too, especially if staying in one of the top French Alps hotels, many of which incorporate a wide array of leisure features and facilities all set against a breathtaking alpine landscape.

Getting to the Alps by plane means landing either at Grenoble or Geneva in neighbouring Switzerland. The Alps of course extend to Switzerland and to northern Italy, the border with the former at Lake Geneva and the latter at Mont Blanc.

Lake Geneva, or Lac Leman as it is know to the French, provides many of the all year round activities most prized of the region from the water sports on the lake to the trails, towns and sights on the lakeside. There are many further lakes and alpine towns to explore and doing so will allow visitors a chance to sample the rich culture of the region as well as the visual splendour of the surrounds.

Most French Alps hotels are found within the main ski regions and resorts. These will typically provide access to the slopes and will often offer ski instruction and ski equipment hire as well as some apres ski entertainment.

Luxury hotels will also offer ways in which to indulge and relax courtesy of spas and pools but if the desire is just to get out and about there are many smaller independent hotels which will provide the ideal affordable base to do so.